On Ayahuasca and plant teachers as tools for the mind

On tools Ayahuasca… is a tool.  Psychotropic substances can all be tools for the people that know how to use them in that manner.  Ayahuasca can certainly be used to heal or for more mundane purposes like finding lost objects or trying to figure out who your wife is cheating on you with, but it can also be used for pure exploration.  It also tends to act like a mirror, showing you the things you need to improve on in your life and some people definitely have a rough time getting through the experience.  This is due to their lifestyles and their frame of mind.  I had no such issues when indulging the brew.  Ayahuasca can be to the individual consciousness what a shovel is to archaeology.  The difference is that you aren’t digging for physical artefacts… but actually, for artefacts of memory.  I have read before that the word education comes from the latin educo, which means to draw forth/take out/raise up.  Plato, that celebrated and highly esteemed philosopher, had a particular theory called anamnesis: “It is the idea that humans possess knowledge from past incarnations and that learning consists of rediscovering that knowledge within us.”  Taking both aforementioned points into consideration, it could be said that the appropriate partaking of certain psychoactive substances can lead one to the true meaning of the word “education”.  Of course, this can also be done without substances.  In my personal opinion, the substance-free way is a loftier route… but different bridges for different individuals.


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