The art of writing allows individuals to convey their own experiences via the medium of language to others who may or may not have had said experiences.  This allows the transfer of information from one person to another thereby facilitating the perpetuation of knowledge through symbols.  Writing is thus my preferred mode of communication and this page will be a sharing of thoughts, experiences and information.  As such, I wish to use this page to explore some of my various interests which include spirituality, parapsychology, comparative religion, alchemy, natural health and other subjects which may be considered fringe by some people, and other subjects like music and history which aren’t so fringe.  I have always been interested in the farther reaches of human ability and understanding and I decided that it would be neat to make a blog page exploring these topics.

Fosvis is a pen name I came up with one day.  I made it up by using two words from two different languages: ‘Fos’ comes from phos, which is an English transliteration of the Greek φῶς, which means light and ‘vis’ is a latin word which means force.  Light force is what Fosvis means and for me it describes my aspirations which have to do with shedding light on darkness (going from ignorance to understanding in life) and utilizing that knowledge as a force for good and well-being.

  • The Home page has random posts I have made about whatever I have felt like writing at the time
  • The Quotes and Excerpts section has some ideas which I have extracted from books which I have read.
  • The Poems section has poems I have written when I was younger and ones I have written recently.  Poem writing is something I want to be more involved in, since I do not do it as often as I think I should.
  • The Books section has some books which I have read, reviewed a little and extracted some excerpts and quotes from.
  • The Teachers and Scholars section has different characters which I have read books from and who have influenced my thinking.
  • The Travel section goes into some of my own experiences while traveling some parts of the world.
  • The School Papers section has some small papers I have written for school.
  • The Fact or Fiction section has some stories which I have read about and which have details that are tough to prove for certain.
  • The Al-kīmīā section goes into the interest I have for alchemy, that ancient precursor of modern chemistry which is said to have come from ancient Egypt.  What fascinates me is the medicinal substances which can be produced via alchemical methods, rather than trying to transmute lead into gold, as per the puffers of old (puffers were alchemists who misunderstood the art attempted vain methods to try and get rich, with much failure).
  • The Herbalism section goes into details regarding experiments I have done with making basic alcohol-base tinctures.  I separate this from the alchemy page because there is a different process involved when making tinctures that are not spagyric.

Most importantly, I am not an expert in any field.  Therefore, I encourage the reader to do their own research on anything and everything they come across on this little blog project of mine, as I am not exempt from making mistakes.


“Above all stands the problem of truth. Many philosophers have frequently occupied themselves with this task and it is also incumbent upon us to deal with it. Truth depends upon the cognizance of each individual. And since all of us do not have one and the same cognizance, we cannot generalize the problem of truth. That is why every individual, provided he is sincere, has his own truth from his own point of view and in accordance with his maturity and cognizance.”


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