I had originally made a website about herbalism for a college project but I decided to merge it with this blog.  I had named the website herbaextracta.com, the name coming from the words herba and extracta, which mean herb and extract in latin respectively.  This about extracts page was originally on the other website and the reader should start there to get a better idea of what entails an herbal extract, particularly tinctures.

I became interested in Herbalism from my interests in spiritual traditions as well as alchemy, which I have spoken about in a past post.  There are methods to make alcohol based plant extracts which require an extra step in the process.  This involves burning the plant matter which the alcohol has extracted into a white ash and from there boiling that down in water and attaining what are called the mineral salts.  These are said to purify the plant matter which has been utilized in the extraction into white mineral salts which can then be combined with the tincture.

As my experimentation progressed, I started to leave out this extra step and in so doing I made several extracts without the purified plant matter.  This is a page separate from my Experiment 1 page where I spoke more at length about the alchemical process of making herbal extracts.  Thus, the extracts spoken about in this Herbalism page are extracts with alcohol as well as distilled water as a base and they are not made in the Spagyric manner.

This Tools page goes into detail concerning the equipment I utilize to make the tinctures.

Here are some of the extracts I have made thus far along with information regarding the properties of the plants used in making them:

Rose hip Infused Apricot Kernel Oil

Tincture of Tumeric

Tincture of Dandelion

Tincture of Ginkgo Biloba

Tincture of Spearmint

Tincture of Echinacea

Tincture of Cayenne

Tincture of Thyme

Tincture of Sweet Flag

Tincture of Wintergreen


Special Projects

There are certain extracts which contain plants which may be illegal in certain areas of the world.  I shall call these Special Projects.

Green Dragon
The Green Dragon