Quotes and Excerpts

Mind1“I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness. We cannot get behind consciousness. Everything that we talk about, everything that we regard as existing, postulates consciousness.”
Max Planck

“All of man’s problems come from his inability to sit quietly in a room alone.”
Blaise Pascal

“In Buddhism, these are not miracles in the sense of being supernatural events, any more than the discovery and amazing uses of lasers are miraculous—however they may appear to those ignorant of the nature and potentials of light. Such contemplativesclaim to have realized the nature and potentials of consciousness far beyond anything known in contemporary science. What may appear supernatural to a scientist or a layperson may seem perfectly natural to an advanced contemplative, much as certain technological advances may appear miraculous to a contemplative.”
Alan Wallace

“In the sophisticated contemporary world, it seems absurd to propose that the dismissed and disgraced psychedelic compounds might be real doorways to neighboring dimensions, and within those other realms there are beings we can contact who are waiting to welcome us with disconcerting glee. It is even more absurd to suggest that some of those beings resemble our folkloric archetypes, because they are the source for those archetypes in the first place”
Daniel Pinchbeck

“Both the old and the new physics were dealing with shadow-symbols, but the new physics was forced to be aware of that fact—forced to be aware that it was dealing with shadows and illusions, not reality. Thus, in perhaps the most famous and oft-quoted passage of any of these theorists, Eddington eloquently states: “In any of these theorists, Eddington eloquently states: “In the world of physics we watch a shadowgraph performance of familiar life. The shadow of my elbow rests on the shadow table as the shadow ink flows over the shadow paper.… The frank realization that physical science is concerned with a world of shadows is one of the most significant of recent advances.”
Ken Wilber

“I have … no hesitation in declaring quite bluntly that the acceptance of a really existing material world, as the explanation of the fact that we all find in the end that we are empirically in the same environment, is mystical and metaphysical”
Erwin Schrödinger

“In the history of the collective as in the history of the individual, everything depends on the development of consciousness.”
Carl Jung

“Shamans speak of ‘spirit’ the way a quantum physicist might speak of ‘charm’; it is a technical gloss for a very complicated concept”
Terrence Mckenna

“[The] presence of DMT may suggest a previously unappreciated fluidity, permeability, or plasticity of the membrane separating us and other worlds. This barrier, then, may exist more inside of us than outside of us—in inner rather than outer space. Therefore, travel across great distances in outer space may not be the only way to reach worlds that are different from our own, seemingly remote in time and space. Moreover, it may be unnecessary to restrict this search using methods based upon a view of reality limited to what is physical and measurable”
Rick Strassman

“A miracle does not happen in contradiction to nature, but in contradiction to that which is known to us of nature.”
Saint Augustine

“I maintain that cosmic religious feeling is the strongest and noblest incitement to scientific research. Only those who realize the immense efforts and, above all, the devotion which pioneer work in theoretical science demands, can grasp the strength of the emotion out of which alone such work, remote as it is from the immediate realities of life, can issue. Those whose acquaintance with scientific research is derived chiefly from its practical results easily develop a completely false notion of the mentality of the men who, surrounded by a sceptical world, have shown the way to those like-minded with themselves, scattered through the earth and the centuries.… A contemporary has said, not unjustly, that in this materialistic age of ours the serious scientific workers are the only profoundly religious people”
Albert Einstein

“(Buddha was) believed to possess all manner of supernormal powers, including full knowledge of each of his own past lives and those of other beings, the ability to know others’ thoughts, the ability to create doubles of himself, the ability to rise into the air and simultaneously shoot fire and water from his body.… He was believed to have passed into nirvana at the age of eighty-one, although he could have lived “for an aeon or until the end of the aeon” if only he had been asked to do so”
Donald Lopez Jr

“When a monk has thus developed and pursued the four bases of power, he experiences manifold supranormal powers. Having been one he becomes many; having been many he becomes one. He appears. He vanishes. He goes unimpeded through walls, ramparts, and mountains as if through space. He dives in and out of the earth as if it were water. He walks on water without sinking as if it were dry land. Sitting crosslegged he flies through the air like a winged bird. With his hand he touches and strokes even the sun and moon, so mighty and powerful. He exercises influence with his body even as far as the Brahma worlds”

“The Journal of the American Medical Association reviewed one of [Stevenson’s] books in 1975 and stated that “in regard to reincarnation he has painstakingly and unemotionally collected a detailed series of cases … in which the evidence is difficult to explain on any other grounds.” In addition, Carl Sagan, the late astronomer, was very skeptical of nonmainstream work but wrote, “There are three claims in the [parapsychology] field which, in my opinion, deserve serious study,” with the third being “that young children sometimes report details of a previous life, which upon checking turn out to be accurate and which they could not have known about in any other way than reincarnation”. The average age when subjects begin reporting a past life is 35 months. Some make their statements with detachment, but many show strong emotional involvement in their claims. Some cry and beg to be taken to what they say is their previous family. Others show intense anger, particularly toward killers in cases in which the previous personality was murdered. In general, the stronger the evidence for a connection to the previous life, the more emotion the child shows when talking about that life. The subjects usually stop making their past-life statements by the age of six to seven, and most seem to lose the purported memories. This is the age when children start school and begin having more experiences in the current life, as well as when they tend to lose their early childhood memories”
Jim Tucker

“It would be a shock to come across a university where it was the practice of the students to recite adherence to Newton’s laws of motion, to Maxwell’s equations and to the electromagnetic theory of light.”
Sir Arthur Stanley Eddington
“it is equally a shock, today, to find reputable scientists categorically asserting, in the manner of dogma, the impossibility of phenomena such as extrasensory perception.”
Brian Josephson

“When a distinguished but elderly scientist states that something is possible, he is almost certainly right. When he states that something is impossible, he is very probably wrong.”
Arthur C. Clarke’s first law of prediction

“The animal observer creates reality and not the other way around. This is not some minor tweak in worldview. Our entire education system in all disciplines, the construction of our language, and our socially accepted “givens”—those starting points in conversations—revolve around a bottom-line mindset that assumes a separate universe “out there” into which we have each individually arrived on a very temporary basis. It is further assumed that we accurately perceive this external pre-existing reality and play little or no role in its appearance.… [But] absent the act of seeing, thinking, hearing—in short, awareness in its myriad aspects—what have we got? We can believe and aver that there’s a universe out there even if all living creatures were nonexistent, but this idea is merely a thought and a thought requires a thinking organism”
Robert Lanza

“We must bear in mind that what was mystical a thousand years ago is no longer so, and what is mysterious now may become lawfully intelligible a hundred years hence. It is the Infinite, the Ocean of Power, that is at the back of all manifestations”
Swami Yogananda


“All the spiritual practices should be verified scientifically if science has the capacity to do so”

And then, after describing the experience of witnessing a yogi turn his body into a hazy cloud and then back again into solid form, he added:

“I feel that the world should know that such sages exist, and the researchers should start researching such secret signs. Miracles like this show that a human being has such abilities.… I do not profess or claim that such siddhis are essential for self-enlightenment, but I want to say that human potentials are immense, and as the physical scientists are exploring the external world, the genuine yogis should not stop exploring the inner abilities and potentials”
Swami Rama


“Today, modern science, not through meditation, nor through logic, but through actual experiment, is discovering realities which sometimes go contrary to the scriptures. So in some cases modern science is even more powerful than ancient logic and meditation. But still, you see, I think even science has some limitations. Because there must be some other, more profound levels of reality which cannot be reached by ordinary perception or ordinary consciousness. In Buddhist literature you will find that the entire phenomenal world is surmised to subsist under three categories. First, there are the evident phenomena; second, the slightly hidden phenomena; and, finally, the absolutely hidden phenomena. So in the case of the third category, that is the absolutely hidden phenomena, we may not be able to reach the sort of understanding that science seems to offer. The absolutely hidden phenomena may not be approachable simply through scientific investigation or through logic. But, eventually, in order to get an insight into the third category of phenomena, you may still have to resort to direct perception. This means that we are not simply relying on some kind of blind belief in order to understand the third category of phenomena, but we may have to depend on very evident and empirically observable facts, in addition to other methods of investigation such as reflection, meditation, or insight. In other words, even for the third, totally hidden phenomena, experiment, investigation and use of direct perception may actually help.”
The Dalai Lama
‘Keynote Address’ at the International
conference on ‘Science and Spirituality in Modern India’ February 2006.



Light Path

An excerpt I took from Manly Palmer Hall’s lecture entitled: Initiation of the Pyramid:


In this lecture, the great scholar of spiritual traditions Manly P. Hall goes into detail concerning some of the history behind what are known as the Mystery Schools. These were ancient institutions of learning, not unlike our universities today, but very different in that they taught man about the major questions concerning us which are: Who are we, where do we come from and where are we going. The Mystery Schools had a grade system and they are said to have been spread out all over the world in such places as India, Egypt, North America, South America and Greece, but to name a few. It is said that the ancient philosopher Pythagoras, upon returning from Egypt after years of instruction and learning, started his own mystery school. To be admitted, one had to have proficient knowledge of mathematics, geometry and music among other things. One of the tests that he had his disciples endure was silence for five years as well as dietary restrictions to name a couple of the rigorous self disciplines he imposed. This is a major theme in all mystery schools. The individual had to conquer his vices in order to elevate himself from the inherent animal nature towards a more pronounced divinity which, as these systems of learning proposed, was inside all men. The individual would then slowly but surely rise through degrees of learning where he was taught not only the lore of his people but also the lore of the world around him via a conscious exploration of the here-after through certain disciplines of mental unfoldment. The senses would become sharpened, and it is said that a true Initiate was one that had seen and understood, through personal experience, that death was an illusion.

Art: ‘Master Door Keeper’ by Jake Baddeley

“WHEN confronted with a problem involving the use of the reasoning faculties, individuals of strong intellect keep their poise, and seek to reach a solution by obtaining facts bearing upon the question. Those of immature mentality, on the other hand, when similarly confronted, are overwhelmed. While the former may be qualified to solve the riddle of their own destiny, the latter must be led like a flock of sheep and taught in simple language. They depend almost entirely upon the ministrations of the shepherd. The Apostle Paul said that these little ones must be fed with milk, but that meat is the food of strong men. Thoughtlessness is almost synonymous with childishness, while thoughtfulness is symbolic of maturity. 

There are, however, but few mature minds in the world; and thus it was that the philosophic-religious doctrines of the pagans were divided to meet the needs of these two fundamental groups of human intellect–one philosophic, the other incapable of appreciating the deeper mysteries of life. To the discerning few were revealed the esoteric, or spiritual, teachings, while the unqualified many received only the literal, or exoteric, interpretations. In order to make simple the great truths of Nature and the abstract principles of natural law, the vital forces of the universe were personified, becoming the gods and goddesses of the ancient mythologies. While the ignorant multitudes brought their offerings to the altars of Priapus and Pan (deities representing the procreative energies), the wise recognized in these marble statues only symbolic concretions of great abstract truths.”
Manly P Hall



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