Teachers and Scholars


In all times and in all ages, there have been men and women who have come and gone and left an imprint on humankind by sharing their knowledge and understanding.  We call these individuals teachers.  The word for teacher in latin is Doctor and thus one is to be reminded that that word is not only to be used when referring to a medical doctor, but also to someone who possesses an understanding about a given matter deep enough they can be a force to human evolution.

When I first got the idea to make some kind of blog, I started with a Facebook page.  Every now and then, I would make a “person of the day” post and it would be about a certain individual that has inspired me through their works.  Here is a list of some of those plus more I have added as time has passed.


 Terrence McKenna

 Manly P. Hall

 Robert Monroe

 Joseph Campbell

 Swami Vivekananda

 Francis Bacon

 Dr. Jacques Valleé

 Dr. Georg Feuerstein

 Erwin Schrödinger

 Michael Cremo

 Dr. Stanislav Grof


 Dr. Albert Hofmann






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